History Rocks podcasts are presented by experienced examiners. They are designed for students studying AQA A level History. Much of the advice is just as applicable to the other examination boards. Listen to a range of topics such as how to tackle provenance? How to write an introduction? Or what is analysis? We welcome any feedback or requests, so please contact us on our twitter handle @myhistoryrocks or email us hello@historyrocks.co.uk.

Previous episodes

Episode 4 – Tsarist and Communist Russia (1H) Government reforms and reaction under Alexander II and III

Episode 3 – Tsarist and Communist Russia (1H) Alexander II and III and Legal reforms

Episode 2 – Tsarist and Communist Russia (1H) – Alexander and Education

Episode 1 – Tsarist and Communist Russia (1H) – the background

Special Episode – Reflections on AQA A level History Sources

Special Episode – Reflections on AQA A level History Extracts

Episode 12 – Cold War Special – Kennedy’s Involvement in Vietnam

Episode 11 – Cold War Special – Achievements and Limitations of the Thaw/Peaceful Coexistence

Episode 10 – Cold War Special – New Look and Peaceful Coexistence

Episode 9 – Cold War Special – The impact of the Korean War

Episode 8 – Cold War Special – The outbreak of the Korean War 1950

Episode 7 – Cold War Special – The loss of China

Episode 6 – Cold War Special – The Berlin Blockade

Episode 5 – Cold War Special – The Marshall Plan

History Rocks Essay Special – Let’s proof read your essay

Episode 4 – Cold War Special – Containment

Episode 3 – Cold War Special – The Soviet Expansion across Eastern and Southern Europe

Episode 2 – Cold War Special – Why did the Grand Alliance collapse?

Episode 1 – Cold War Special – What were the long term causes?

Episode 13 – How to use own knowledge when evaluating interpretations in an AQA A level History section A response?

Episode 12 – How to structure an AQA History A level, Section A (interpretations) answer for paper 1?

Episode 11 – How to spot the difference between fact and opinion in AQA History paper?

Episode 10 РHow to structure and AQA section A History source answer?

Episode 9 – How to tackle tone in an A level History answer?

Episode 8 – What is provenance and how to do it in an A level History answer?

Episode 7 – What makes a History A level source valuable?

Episode 6 – How to write a conclusion to an A level History essay?

Episode 5 – Why PEE and PEAL does not work in an A level History essay?

Episode 4 – What is the difference between narrative and analysis?

Episode 3 – How to start a paragraph in an A level History essay?

Episode 2 – How to write an introduction to an A level History essay?

Episode 1 – How to plan an A level History essay?

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