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Continuity and Change poster


A fabulous poster or prompt for student files to help them express continuity and change over time!

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The poster

Help your students explain continuity and change over time. After asking many students to give me different words that describe continuity and change, I realised they often lacked the vocabulary to do it! Created by the presenter of the History Rocks Podcast, this colourful poster offers 30 different words your students can use to explain continuity and change required in AQA A level History component 1 and other A level boards and GCSE units. You can give copies to your students to keep in their folder. You can also add a copy to your virtual learning environment. Add a copy to your classroom wall. As a result, give a boost your students’ confidence, skills and marks! So what are you waiting for? Download your free poster today and help your students strive for better!

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