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Analysis and Judgement Dice

The fantastic Analysis and Judgement Dice are suitable for all A level and gifted GCSE students, regardless of the exam board. Designed by examiners you can use them to prompt students to go beyond description/narration. They cover 5 higher order concepts and have key questions to prompt the students on each of the faces.

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The Dice

One major hurdle for students in gaining higher levels is the need for analysis and judgement. This fun resource is designed to drive students away from narrative/description. The Analysis and Judgement Dice is suitable for A level and gifted GCSE students. The dice are ready to print out on card and glue together. There are 5 templates to use. The dice cover:

  1. Cause
  2. Consequence
  3. Success and Failure
  4. Continuity and Change
  5. Similarity and Difference

Each side of the die comes with a series of questions created by examiners to prompt higher order thinking and judgement.

The dice can be used in variety of ways. Students could use them during essay writing. Teachers can use them during direct questioning or they work well during revision activities or plenaries for example.

School License

This licence permits you to make the resource available to all students and staff in your institution. This can be either in digital and/or print form (including for photocopying). This resource may be distributed on your secure virtual learning environment (e.g. Moodle), however it must not be made available on any public or insecure website or other platform. See our terms and conditions for more information.

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