AQA HIS2R Cold War Section A: Instant Mock Bundle – 1945-1991
AQA HIS2R Cold War Section A: Instant Mock Exam Bundle £64.99

AQA HIS2R Cold War Section A: Lesson Activity Mega Bundle


This pack brings you over 30 Cold War source-based lesson activities that are perfect for centres studying AQA HIS2R Cold War (c1945-1991). These activities are proven to improve the understanding and source skills of your students. Your students can opt to do Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced exercises as they grow in confidence. The Cold War lesson activities take approximately 15-20 minutes and are perfect as your starter or plenary tasks. The bundle also gives you a range of bonus material including suggestions on how to structure answers and a Source Value Checklist for example. All the lesson activities have been written by an experienced examiner with years of A level experience.

NOTE – This bundle includes all of the separate lesson activities and bonus content

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The bundle

This bundle gives you over 30 History A level Cold War lesson activities. It includes all of the separate lesson activity bundles in one great price. If your students are studying AQA HIS2R Cold War, c1945-1991 unit, then this pack will be essential to your lesson planning.  Each activity brings you a different source from across the specification. Each task will take your students approximately 15-20 minutes to do. Therefore, the Cold War lesson activities work well as your starter or plenary exercises. You could also extend the activities with directed question and answering, and demonstrations of students work. Boost their confidence, skills and grades with this invaluable pack.

You can give the option to your students to choose from a range of Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level challenges.  The different challenges can use the same source. Therefore, the activities can be a key aspect of your planned differentiation. The activities will ask your students to, for example; improve sample answers, supporting or challenge a source with their knowledge or discuss tone in a meaningful way. Topics include Soviet expansion, the war in Vietnam, Star Wars and much more! The Cold War lesson activities will prepare you students for their mock and real exams. You can use this bundle alongside the Section A Cold War Mock questions for AQA.

Bonus content

You also get 10 fun emoji activities to build your student confidence in handling tone plus other bonus content! Your pack also contains student and teacher guidance to planning and structuring answers.

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