AQA HIS2R Cold War Section A: Instant Mock – The Korean War
AQA HIS2R Cold War Section A: Instant Mock - The Korean War £5.99
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AQA HIS2R Cold War Section A: Instant Mock – Grand Alliance


The ‘Grand Alliance Instant Mock’ allows your students to practice the very important source skills they will need. If your students are studying AQA Cold War (HIS2R) then our Section A instant mocks will be an essential part of your assessment cycle. The pack comes with a very detailed mark scheme. The indicative content details what own knowledge the students could use in their answer. The mark scheme also details potential comments on the tone and provenance of the sources. All saving you valuable time! Boost their confidence, skills and grades with this valuable pack.

***NOTE: This question paper is also included in our great value Section A bundle***

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The pack

This ‘Grand Alliance Instant Mock’ provides you with 3 carefully selected primary sources. The primary sources are from a range of perspectives and are in line with the exam length. The pack includes an AQA style question and a very detailed mark scheme for you to use with your students. The indicative mark scheme provides you with lots of content that could be included in student answers. The mark scheme also provides you with potential comments on tone and provenance. As a result, this pack saves you valuable time to spend on the marking and feedback.

How to use

Many students find the section A of component 2 a real challenge. Use this instant mock as a timed question in your class. You could also use the mark schemes for peer assessment. Or give the question to your keen students looking to do more practice. For a full mock exam, the ‘Grand Alliance Instant Mock’ works perfectly alongside our Section B Essay questions bank. This question and mark scheme has been written by an experienced examiner. Use the Section A instant mocks as part of your planned assessment cycle. As a result, you can boost your students’ confidence and skills! You may be a student looking to practice ahead of the summer exam. Test yourself and see how your grades improve.

***NOTE: This question paper is also included in our great value Section A bundle***

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