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History Rocks Cafe Revision Menu


Grab your free History Rocks Cafe Revision menu for your classroom wall or students files today!

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The menu

With years of experience in examining, we’ve compiled a revision menu including our favourite exam revision methods. Students will so often do the least effective revision strategies and spend all of their time highlighting content. This menu ensures that your students divide their time equally among Content, Skills and Feedback. The menu suggests some of the most effective revision methods as recommended in recent studies.

Download this FREE History Rocks Cafe revision menu and display it in your classroom or print it for your student files. You can also add a copy to your virtual learning environment. This free menu is for A level and GCSE History teachers. Created by the presenter of the History Rocks Podcast, this colourful poster suggests different revision techniques in a fun and memorable way. As a result, give a boost your students’ confidence, skills and marks! So what are you waiting for, download your free revision menu today and help your students revise better!

If you find this poster useful, then why not check out our free poster on essay hacks! We’ve put together our top 5 essay tricks to help students aim maximise their results! Don’t forget to visit our History Rocks Podcast where we provide a wealth of expert advice. Learn how to plan an essay or include analysis. Get guidance on how to approach provenance or tackle value. We LOVE to hear from you! If you want to reach out to us, head on over to our contact us page today and we’ll get back to you as quick as possible.

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