Some things do come for free!

This week, purely by happenchance, I came across a site that offers free short courses for teachers. I just really wanted to share it with you!

The site is called Future Learn and it is a private company that is jointly owned by the Open University and The SEEK group. They offer hundreds of courses for teachers. I have just completed week 1 of ‘Educating Girls: Teaching Approaches to Helping Girls Thrive’ and it’s been really useful.

They also have subject specific courses too. For History for example, this ranges from ‘Antisemitism: From Its Origins to the Present’ to ‘Hadrian’s Wall: Life on the Roman Frontier’. You can take these courses any time during several weeks and they come with lots of additional reading material and videos. There is also an online chat so you can share ideas with peers across the country. 

So, rather than signing up to that generic CPD, why not encourage your school to recognise these courses as banked hours and keep it on a central record. It’s a real goldmine! You can find their short courses here.

If you are looking for additional in using edtech, I would also recommend you sign up for Richard Byrne’s edtech newsletter which you can subscribe to hereI have come away with so many nuggets from his weekly newsletters on for instance, how to trim youtube clips to using Google Forms. I would recommend having a look!

If you are teaching A level AQA History, I will be hosting a free event on teaching provenance very soon. So why not get your name on the list! The will only a few places. Email

Please share with your peers and let us know if you have any more CPD events that are of interest!