Teaching A level History for the first time this September?


Picture this. I had just graduated from my PGCE and my first teaching job was in a Sixth Form, picking up all the A level classes left behind by a very popular, and experienced teacher. My PGCE did cover a little KS5 and we had a few days in an FE, but I really don’t think I was fully prepared. It would appear, this is not an unusual experience either!

I inherited a few handouts in a filing cabinet, a brief scheme of work and a few books. I was on my own. The sole teacher with nobody to really bounce ideas off. I was scared. They were even taller than me. It will come as no surprise then, that despite diligently covering the content, my first set of exam results were, let’s say, below par. I didn’t really know what I was doing. Thankfully, this was a time before the shift to linear. I had time to turn it around.

Looking for some help?


With this memory in mind (now over 16 years ago, but still fresh) I have worked with Hodder History to create a brand new series of CPD packages teachers of A level History. You don’t have to be an NQT, you could be someone seeking some new ideas. Imagine it as a friendly voice offering the support I wished I had as well as fresh ideas and editable resources. The pack is designed to be universal, so it doesn’t matter which exam board you are with. The packs are fully downloadable, so you can complete the course at a time to fit you.

There are currently 4 packs to choose from:

  1. Taking the fist steps – which includes a segment on teaching continuity and change
  2. Lesson ideas for provenance
  3. Differentiation
  4. Excellent essays (due August 21st)

You are not alone!

You can signup for all 4 packs at a saving. Visit the Hodder CPD Page to find out more.